My only concern was that we didn’t know Betsy and hadn’t heard about Ogden Music from anyone. After talking to Betsy, I was pretty sure we had made the right decision! Betsy makes piano lessons fun! I think my daughter would go to piano lessons every day! I love how Betsy doesn’t just sit down with a book. She does use books, but also uses games and other activities to keep kids engaged. Betsy is really good at coming up with fun and creative ways to keep students learning. If they have a strength in one area, she works with that strength while still developing students in other areas. I feel she really provides individualized lessons rather than a “by the book” method. We have had a fantastic experience at Ogden Music!

- Amy Winters, Parent

She is awesome and always teaching new things.

- Sophia, Student, Age 6

The teacher makes lessons fun and our son has learned a lot already…how excited he is about piano and the connection he has made with his teacher.

- Mike Clark, Parent

I liked composing and doing the competition of the goliath piano! I think she (the teacher) is so nice and couldn’t get anymore perfect than she is.

- Riley, Student, Age-9

She (the teacher) is very good/fun.

- Michael, Student, Age-9

Love the friendly and professional approach. Very well run, detail oriented. Like the diversity of the class – keyboard, competition, and composing.

- Gloria Crowell, Parent