Why Choose the Ogden Music Co.?

Gone are the days of boring old piano lessons being stuck on a bench for a seemingly, endless eternity. Our exciting manner of learning will capture the imagination of each student and help develop their musical aptitude.

Who doesn’t think playing on a giant keyboard with your feet is cool? Can you imagine your child composing their very own song? Over the years we’ve offered creative ways to engage the learning process and make the music learning fun.

We’re not some corporate enterprise you could never put a face to. We’re local residents serving our community. In short, we are regular folks – just like you.

We offer a family-friendly environment geared towards meeting the needs of today’s families. And of course, our family discounts don’t hurt either. A high percentage of our students have a sibling that also takes lessons.

Puzzle Piece

Various in-house competitions throughout the year keep our students on their toes with their music theory. These competitions spark excitement about learning music concepts that are often hard to retain.

What is the price of accomplishment? Could you put a price tag on the proud feeling of watching your child perform a musical piece exceptionally well in public? The child develops; the parent beams. Proud satisfaction.